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We would love to meet your family! If you are interested in learning more about TCA or BCCA, please call, email, or stop by to schedule a private tour. 

The purpose of the Christ-centered education at TCA/BCCA is to lead young people to know the one true God, and develop their knowledge, talents, skills and character. 

A student’s experience in education is to engage in content that is appropriate to the child’s academic ability and to help them learn to be independent creative learners.    

On basic skills, tests, SAT scores and other standardized measurements, Christian school graduates increasingly outperform their counterparts from public education. However, the biggest difference is in the daily integration of Biblical truths in every subject.   

We are excited to know that our children are surrounded in a safe environment by teachers, staff, and fellow students in a Christ-centered environment that focuses on a Biblical worldview, with all of the added benefits TCA/BCCA offers, such as physical education, clubs, fine arts, an on-site nurse and many others.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.