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TCA truly wants to help build our students to excel academically, physically and spiritually and to impact our world for Christ. We feel that our classes strategically build on one another, so that each year our students are adding to the foundation they have, while growing in their Christian worldview. 

Academic Distinction
Students at Tri-Cities Christian Academy will be challenged to excel academically. They also learn that the very teacher who challenges them, is also the teacher that loves them and sees the abilities that God has given them. Biblical Truth is the foundation of our faith and our school. Due to this model, students are able to meet not only the high academic expectations set before them, but also to defend and share their faith confidently when they have that opportunity.   

Biblical Foundation
At TCA, we believe that the Bible is the foundation to truth and knowledge, and is therefore integrated into all subject areas and at every grade level. Our desire is to function in a cooperative role with the home and church to help provide our students the needed instruction to think critically, but with a true Christian worldview, to help them become all that God has planned for them.