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2022-2023 Middle School Roster

  1. Tenley Byrd, 6th grade
  2. Kinleigh Large, 6thgrade
  3. Sophia Runke, 6th grade
  4. Lydia Trahan, 6th grade
  5. Ramsey Weems, 6th grade
  6. Cargan Baker, 7th grade
  7. Caroline Boothe, 7thgrade
  8. Julia Ann Purdom, 7thgrade
  9. Ethan Rieland, 7thgrade
  10. Abigail Robinson, 7thgrade
  11. Brant Tarr, 7th grade
  12. Braxton Williams, 7thgrade
  13. Jenni Davis, 8th grade
  14. Conner Johnson, 8thgrade
  15. Eli Mathers, 8th grade
  16. Joey Stibler, 8th grade
  17. Grant Woods, 8th grade

2022-2023 High School Roster

  1. Maddox Atkins, 9thgrade
  2. Caiden Baker, 9th grade
  3. Abigail Chambers, 9thgrade
  4. Kaylee Colon, 9th grade
  5. Ava Kelly, 9th grade
  6. Wren Miksa, 9th grade
  7. Emma Stibler, 9th grade
  8. Gigi Stills, 9th grade
  9. Kateryna Gorbenko, 10thgrade
  10. Sean Greene, 10th grade
  11. Lilly Kate Purdom, 10thgrade
  12. Elsa Rosser, 10th grade
  13. Tara Tarr, 10th grade
  14. Chase Baker, 11th grade
  15. Jake Deghetto, 11thgrade
  16. Ava Jensen, 11th grade
  17. Max Davis, 12th grade
  18. Andrii Gorbenko, 12th grade
  19. Hannah Huntsman, 12th grade
  20. Laura Mathers, 12th grade
  21. Alyssa Williams, 12th grade
  22. Cooper Foster, 12th grade


Andrew Minor, 11th grade

Sarah Russell, 12th grade

Head Coach

Jonathan Harkness
Jonathan Harkness
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Assistant Coaches

Jonathan Harkness
Kasey Harkness
Jonathan Harkness
Madelyn Ochs

Athletic Participation Fee & Handbook

Athletic Handbook

All Lakeway Christian Academy Student-Athletes will be required to pay an Athletic Fee in order to participate.

This fee is assessed the first week of games for the team the student-athlete participates on.