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Expression through Creativity

With every stroke of a paintbrush, every note played to perfection, and every acting debut – students will have the opportunity to worship through creative expression. Their imagination will allow them to create, play, sing, act, and express themselves in a way that creates freedom in worship.

At Lakeway Christian Academy, we will encourage students to pursue the arts through one of our many opportunities in band, chorus, theatre, and visual arts. Fostering environments where students use their talents as a form of worship.

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The School of Instrumental Music and Performing Ensembles at Lakeway Christian Academy is dedicated to providing an outstanding artistic experience, rigorous academics, integrated technology experiences, and a leadership curriculum that develops each individual's character and ability for leadership while always fostering an environment where students will offer up their talents as praise in glorifying the Lord.


At Lakeway Christian Academy, we offer Middle School Chorus and High School Chorus for students to pursue their gifts and talents within our Choral Department.

Lee Allen Dalton
Choral Director; Teacher, Bible


At Lakeway Christian Academy, we offer a number of options for students to pursue their gifts and talents on stage. Our campus has a 1,200 seat Performing Arts Center with state-of-the-art sound and lighting and all the back-stage amenities.

Theatre Productions
Chris Morelock
Teacher, Theatre

Visual Arts

Lakeway Christian Academy offers a number of different Visual Arts classes. From middle school to high school students have a list of choices from visual art 101 to graphic design to advanced art to choose from.

A collage of students at LCA