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Lakeway Tuition Information

At Lakeway Christian Schools, we hope to deliver an affordable Christian education based on your household income. We believe every child should have the opportunity to have a Christian education, so we work with you to offer assistance to qualifying families with students in grades K through 12th grade.

Maximum Tuition*
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12

International Grades 9-12


*The tuition listed above is our maximum tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year. Our financial assistance program allows families to pay different amounts based upon financial need and therefore, all families are encouraged to apply for financial assistance to determine their exact tuition plan. We use the FACTS Grant & Aid program to verify each family’s situation and recommend an award amount. Income taxes must be uploaded. All families have to re-apply every year for the financial aid assistance (There is no financial grant & aid available for Pre-K classes).

**The International student tuition does not include any incidental costs for housing that may be required for regular in-person instruction.

Enrollment & Facilities Fees
Enrollment Fee. There is a $200 per student enrollment fee each year.

Early Enrollment Discount. All current families are a part of our continuous enrollment program and therefore benefit from a 40% discount off of the enrollment fee. This discounted enrollment fee is automatically billed on a set date. This discount is only available to current families who remain continuously enrolled.

Facilities Fee. All students are required to pay an annual facilities fee. This fee is an investment in the maintenance of our buildings and grounds. This fee may be paid monthly or in one payment. Students may be given opportunities to offset this fee through a variety of different programs. The fee is $500 per student and is billed along with your tuition plan.
Multiple Student Discounts
If you have multiple students enrolled at LCS and you don't qualify for the financial aid assistance with FACTS, you qualify for the multiple student discount. The first child will pay the regular price. The second child will receive 10% off the tuition. The third child and beyond will receive 15% off the tuition price. If after applying to FACTS Grant and Aid, a family with multiple children would do better to not accept the award and take the standard multi-student discount, this would be acceptable (There is no Multiple Student Discount available for Pre-K classes).
Payment Schedule
FACTS Tuition Management gives flexible options so that you can select what works best for your family. Automatic payments can be made from a checking or savings account or from a variety of credit cards. In the event that full payment is not received by a week after the scheduled date, a $25 late fee will be applied to the account.
Enrollment Commitment
Dismissal by the school, absence of the student, or withdrawal by the parent of the student, shall NOT diminish the obligation to pay the total and full amount of ALL tuition and fees due the school for the entire school year as set forth by the LCS Board of Directors. Any exceptions to your financial obligation must be approved by the LCS Board of Directors.
Continuous Enrollment
To more efficiently serve our families, we are now using a continuous enrollment program. This program confirms your commitment to having your student continually enrolled at Lakeway Christian Schools and eliminates the need to re-enroll each year. This agreement starts with your first year of enrollment and shall automatically renew for each successive academic year, until your student graduates from LCA or until you notify us otherwise. An annual enrollment fee will be automatically billed to your account on a set date.  If you choose to terminate this agreement, your written notice must be received on or before an announced date.
What is Continuous Enrollment?
When will Continuous Enrollment start?
What does it cost?
How do I opt out?
What is a family's responsibility?
Additional Costs Information
These are approximate costs, and the cost may vary. Additional expenses may occur depending on your student’s involvement. We hope this will be a helpful guideline as to the type of additional costs.

Facilities Fee
- $500 (6th-12th grade) per student and billed along with your tuition plan. Facility fee goes toward the upkeep and maintenance of our beautiful facilities on both campuses.

Uniforms - Costs vary with your choices. All uniforms must be purchased through Lands’ End or French Toast Schoolbox. Spirit Wear can be purchased through our school store and worn on Friday or as outerwear Monday - Thursday.

Lunch - Participating in LCS’ Nutrition Services is an option for families and will cost approximately $4 per meal ($3.50 for Pre-K). Meals must be preordered and prepaid. Free and Reduced lunch available through application process.

Field Trips - Expenses for field trips will vary based on the experience. All trip expenses must be paid prior to the trip.

Academics – AP, Dual Enrollment, ACT, and PSAT (See School Counseling Department); CTE expenses as applicable.

Extracurricular Fees - MS Athletics, Band, Choir, Robotics & Theatre $125
HS Athletics, Choir, Robotics & Theatre $150
HS Band, Cheer, Fishing, Swimming & Football $175

Senior Fee - $150 required of all 12th grade students covering the cost of the senior photo sitting fee, yearbook, diploma, diploma cover, cap & gown, yard sign, and a senior t-shirt.