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Our reading program begins with the use of the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment to determine both the instructional and independent reading levels of each student. Using this information, we place our students into guided reading groups based on their academic needs.

In primary grades (K-2), students receive direct instruction in vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words and writing. Teachers are modeling reading strategies during interactive read alouds. Students also have the opportunity each day to read books that they select for themselves during independent reading and to read books on their instructional reading level during guided reading groups. Students’ fluency in reading is regularly monitored. Writing is also an important part of literacy instruction at this age because of the direct connection to reading. Students can write in response to reading along with other meaningful subject areas.  

The concept of learning words, language and reading is essential to developing a Christian worldview. God created everything using words (Genesis 1:3) and uses words to accomplish what He purposes (Isaiah 45:23).   God’s original intention was that people would know Him through words (Genesis 3:8). Reading and hearing are how students grow in knowledge of God and His world. It creates an opportunity to gain wisdom and experience, while relating to others. It means gaining insight into that person’s speech while reading. We also build our students on their comprehension, which benefits a child by creating an instilled joy of reading.  
The Pre-K program at BCCA provides an opportunity for your child to be involved in an enhanced educational experience in a 3 day or 5 day format. The class uses a modified Abeka curriculum, and each student will participate in extracurricular activities, including library, music, art and PE, with every class being taught from a Biblical perspective.  Our math curriculum is Bridges Math, a program that encourages a strong foundation in math facts and number sense, while also helping students learn to problem solve. Outdoor play is an important area of our program. The students go outside daily for activities as well as having PE in addition to their planned play time. The tuition includes morning and afternoon snacks. Uniforms are required for BCCA Pre-K students.

We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs:

Weekly Schedule Options:
5 days a week - Monday through Friday (8:15am - 3:00pm)
3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday (8:15am - 3:00pm)

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