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TCA Dress Code



Tri-Cities Christian Academy seeks to set a standard that promotes excellence in academics, Christian character. and appearance. This is why we have a Student Dress Code based on biblical principles of modesty, neatness, and suitability. Our goal is to instill a desire to promote Jesus Christ and not ourselves in all we do.

TCA requires students to dress according to the LCS Dress Code.

Middle and High School

Elementary School


All uniform items requiring the TCA logo must be purchased through our uniform supplier, Lands' End. Visit the school's uniform page on the Lands’ End website by clicking the banner below. 

Click for Uniform Store

Other uniform items that do not require the TCA logo may also be purchased through our other uniform supplier, French Toast. Visit the school's uniform page on French Toast by clicking here. (French Toast account is listed under Lakeway Christian Schools)


Dress Code FAQ's


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