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Lakeway Christian Schools seek to set a standard that promotes excellence in academics, Christian character. and appearance. This is why we have a Student Dress Code based on biblical principles of modesty, neatness, and suitability.

Our goal is to instill a desire to promote Jesus Christ and not ourselves in all we do. We feel that a school uniform helps in that regard in the following ways:

  • School uniforms help create a team identity.
  • School uniforms promote modesty and appropriateness.
  • School uniforms help establish an atmosphere of order and respect for each other and for authority while minimizing distractions.
  • School uniforms establish habits conducive to future success in life.
  • School uniforms help us to avoid extreme fashions that draw negative personal attention.
  • School uniforms take peer pressure and economic issues of style out of the classroom which may serve as a distraction.

We stand together as members of the Body of Christ, distinctly different from the world. Our hope is that our outward modesty and appropriateness provide an example that brings glory to God to those around us.

All uniform items requiring the TCA logo must be purchased through our uniform supplier, Lands' End. Visit the school's uniform page on the Lands’ End website by clicking the banner above. 

Lands' End Website
Preferred School Number: 900074626