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Fifteen (15) community service hours per school year are to be completed by each high school student. The hours must be completed outside of school hours, may not be for a family member, and the student may not be compensated for their work. Community hours may be completed while serving on mission trips, volunteering at TCA sponsored events (must be after 3:00 pm if on a school day), Red Cross, local church projects, tutoring, or other opportunities within the community. Documentation must be completed for each service project.

All community service hours worked will be logged on the student’s high school transcript, even those that exceed the 15 hours of required service. A high number of community service hours are favorable on a college transcript and scholarship applications, but the intention of this requirement is to develop a heart for service in the students.

The Community Service Volunteer Form must be filled out and turned into your academic advisor to receive service hours.  Service hours for the year must be completed and turned in by May 9, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hawkins.

Community Service Hours Form