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Admissions Requirements
  • Each family should have a clear understanding of the Biblical philosophy and functioning of Lakeway Christian Schools. At least one custodial parent must be a Christian and complete the Parent / Guardian Testimony as part of the online application.
  • Each family must read our Statement of Faith and accept that it constitutes the doctrinal beliefs of the school and agree to have their children taught in accordance with the Statement of Faith. 
  • Each family is expected to be in regular church attendance at a Bible-believing church. 
  • Parents must understand the school’s commitment to parental responsibility for their child’s education and discipline.  Lakeway Christian Schools exists to assist parents in the task of educating their children, not to take over responsibility for the education of their children.  Parents must be actively engaged in the education and discipline of their children.
  • Parents must be committed to fully cooperating with the policies of Lakeway Christian Schools.
  • All required documents must be turned in to the office prior to the family interview. This includes copies of recent report cards and standardized test scores as part of the admissions process and any other required documents for enrollment.