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LCA Lion Nation, 

It was a great week to be at LCA! The students had a great time during Homecoming 2020. All week long, the classes competed in various competitions to determine who would be named the winning class of Homecoming Week. Each morning the students were able to show off the theme they had chosen for the day. We saw the inauguration of Bensh Mendoza as President, the seniors did a dance routine while dressed up as the zombie apocalypse, the sophomores represented the great state of Tennessee, and the freshman were tourists in Florida for the day. Overall the faculty panel voted that the seniors won the best dressed for the week.

After each class showed off their theme, the high school went to work on their dance routine for the homecoming pep-rally and their class banners that were hung in the commons area. The middle school stayed in the LCA Arena and competed in some fun games all week long. All the banners looked fantastic, but the junior’s banner was unanimously named the winner.

Also during lunch the middle school and high school raised money for “Happy Haitian Education.” This non-profit organization helps teach Haitians English and other practical life skills to bring them out of poverty and allow them to provide for their families. The school was able to raise over $700 for this ministry with the freshmen raising the most money in in the middle school and high school. It all came down to the pep-rally!

Even though we were disappointed by the cancellation of the football game, the Boot Scoot, and many other homecoming activities that evening, the students still showed fantastic Lion Pride and had a great time at the pep-rally. Our LCA band and cheerleading squad lead the way by leading our students in cheers throughout the pep-rally. The classes also competed in games and the sophomores won the most giving them the points in that category for their class. With all the classes being tied up, it came down to who would have the best dance routine. Each class performed a 2-3 minute dance routine to a mash-up of many different songs. Each routine was fantastic, but the seniors dance stood out above the rest. The seniors went on to win the week and of course the coveted Spirit Stick. We also crowned a Homecoming Spirit King and Queen. Each class nominated who they thought showed the most school spirit throughout the entire week. The faculty then voted on the nominees naming Dalton Fox (Sr.) and Maddie Moyer (Sr.) our 2020 Spirit King and Queen. 

I want to thank all of our students and families for participating in Homecoming week! It made me proud to be a part of Lion Nation. I am looking forward to many more events coming up this year! 

Leighton Upton 
LCA Student Life Director 

Spirit Week Winners

  • Haiti Fund Raiser- Freshman
  • Class Banner- Juniors 
  • Class spirit dress- Seniors
  • Pep-Rally competitions- Sophomores
  • Pep-Rally Dance routine- Seniors
  • Winners of the week- Seniors 

Homecoming Spirit King and Queen- Dalton Fox (Sr.) and Maddie Moyer (Sr.)