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2021-2022 First Week of School

August 22, 2021
By Ainsley Murrow, Guest Columnist

My name is Ainsley Murrow.  I am a Senior starting my second and last year at Lakeway Christian Academy and I have the honor and privilege to write the “Lions’ Roar” column this year. To begin this year, I wanted to start with a recap of the first week back on campus.  

In the weeks leading up to the first day of school Savannah Pearson, Lakeway Senior Prefect, and Abby Winstead, Event Coordinator, brainstormed and successfully generated events such as New Student Orientation, Student Meet and Greet, Parents Night, and our First Friday Ice Cream Social. Each event was a huge success. Normal school activities also took place this week such as chapel, coalitions, and athletic events. 

Starting with the New Student Orientation, this event occurred early morning on Thursday August 5th. New students, and parents, were welcomed onto the campus by this year's Senior Prefects; Bensh Mendoza, Cat Norris, Lillie Inman, Addie Brown, Jordan Colon, Ainsley Murrow, Brody Lane, Savannah Pearson, and Landen McGuffin. These students met and gave tours to the new families before Mr. McVicker, LCA Principal, started his announcements and informational meeting. After the meeting parents picked up their child's schedule and met with teachers and the guests left the building even more excited and prepared for the school year. Later that day, all the Lakeway students gathered in the commons to get their schedules, meet their teachers, and catch up with their friends. Both events were created to make sure the students are comfortable and have an idea of where they are going on the first day.  

On the second day of school, August 10th, parents made their way to Lakeway for Parents Night. Our school has a unique way of organizing this event. Students did not have to attend, because our Parents were provided a copy of their children's schedule to follow during the seven-minute bell system; this system gave every teacher 7 minutes with the parents in each period. When the bell rang, the parents would go from their child’s first period to second. If they stayed on track and on time, the parents should have been to all 8 classes in 56 minutes. The system allowed every parent to get the same time and attention from all their children's teachers within a reasonable amount of time. 

Our first chapel of the year occurred on Thursday August 12th. Our LCA Praise and Worship Team lead a beautiful worship music set to start off our service. The guest speaker was Marty Blakely from Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Near the end of his message, he had an altar call. During this time, 27 students stood up and made the decision to allow Christ into their lives. Our Spiritual Life Staff and Prefects are asking for prayers for the students who committed their life to Christ and for the leaders who will help these children make the changes in their lives. 

After our student body survived and thrived during their first week back at school, Savannah and Mrs. Winstead organized a special treat for all the students. After 7th Period on Friday August 13th, Middle School and High school gathered at the Outdoor Athletic Plaza to eat some ice cream or popsicles and talk to new and old friends about their classes and fun stories of week. Our students loved the break in their day to hangout and eat ice cream on a hot day. Administration and students look forward to this event continuing in the future.  

Our student athletes have been working hard all summer practicing for a great season. One example is our volleyball team! Monday the 16th, the ladies of our school played Knoxville Central High School on the court. A good amount of our students came to support and cheer on the girls. The team played smart and aggressive, earning them their first win at the first game of the season. The final total turned out to be a clean sweep, ending all three matches with a score of 25. 

Looking back on the events of the first week, the joy and excitement of our staff and students is clear. Based on the energy in the hallways and classrooms our student body is pumped up and ready for the year they have ahead of them. 

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8/22/21 - By Ainsley Murrow, Guest Columnist