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Weekly Roar

Chapel Recap  

By Sloan Brooks and Ethan West 

April 23rd, 2021 

Ms. Reed and students collaborated to depict the story of Ruth in last week’s chapel service. 

Coach Reed opened her sermon by talking about how her parents used to pray with her and tell bible stories to her as a child, and how she has continued to do that with her own child. Coach Reed invited students to participate in an interactive reading for the duration of the service. The story was the book of Ruth. She read part of the story and then she asked us to help her with something.  

Lakeway art classes, under the instruction of Ms. Ooten, had created several paintings to go along with the Bible story. The paintings were cut up in order to be pieced back together. Ms. Reed read sections of the story and then ask sections of the performing arts center to bring up pieces of the painting that were taped to the back of chairs.  

In the book of Ruth, a woman named Naomi and her family moving to a new place. Once they moved there, her husband died. Her sons got married to some locals of the area and died shortly after. She told her daughter-in-law's they could leave. One of them left but the other stayed and refused to leave. She was faithful and stayed to take care of her mother-in-law. Then, Ruth met Boaz, her kinsman redeemer, while she attempted to serve her mother-in-law. The rest is history. Boaz married Ruth and they are recorded in Christ’s genealogy.  

One lesson in the story is that God has us right where we are at for a reason, and another is that God will provide.  

When Coach Reed was asked, “What did you want students to take away from chapel on Thursday?” she responded, “God has a plan for your life but you just have to take the next step in faith and obedience.” 


Pride of Lakeway 

By Daoshia Klopfenstein and Sofia Sorce 

April 23rd, 2021 

Mr. Tuggle’s journey as a Christian began when at a young age in the midst of family turmoil. 

When Mr. Tuggle was around the age of 12 to 13 years old, his father had an affair that resulted in divorce. This was a very a hard situation being that he had such a strong bond with his father. After his father moved out, this left Mr. Tuggle and his mother feeling betrayed. His mom who had to work many jobs was very stressed. He was very angry and bitter towards his father to the point where he would physically try to fight him.  Mr. Tuggle joked, “I’m glad he didn’t fight me back because he would’ve killed me since I was so scrawny.”  

It took Mr. Tuggle until college for these mixed emotions towards his father to break away. At this time in his life, Tuggle felt lonely and immense sadness for a very long period of time. He mentions having this “void” that he spent many days to fill with many other distractions, but it seemed as if he was never satisfied.  

Once he turned to Jesus, Mr. Tuggle realized that God was the only one who could fill this void of his. Jesus was constant and gracious to Mr. Tuggle throughout all of his sin. People around him would say that God had changed their life and he came to the understanding of what they said since God had slowly revealed the change in his life. He felt Jesus’ desire to build a relationship with him. Throughout all of his anger, Mr. Tuggle felt the Lord wanting to change him but it had to be something he was willing to let go. “I could feel God wanting to walk with me but I just had to follow him,” Tuggle stated.  

Tuggle cherished that he didn’t have to change himself or perform differently towards God to be accepted for who he was, like he was urged to by his peers. He shared, “Jesus longed to be intimate with me,” and, “I recognized how I can be who he created me to be and that’s what he longs for.”  

Now that he is older, his journey with Jesus is completely different from how it was 8 to 10 years ago. Mr. Tuggle feels closer to God even though his life is more hectic as he fills the roles of father, husband, coach, and teacher. “My life’s like the center of a hurricane; it doesn’t mean the hurricane’s over, but it is still the calmest point.” 

Community Spotlight 

By Katie Whitaker and Emily Pressey 

April 23rd, 2021 

Morristown Drivers Services works hard behind the scenes to make Lakeway Christian Academy a beautiful campus. 

MDS is a family-owned business that believes in the success of their workers and is invested in the lives of their workers and community members. MDS provides offices and multiple services to Lakeway faculty and staff and families around us.  

Manager of Operations Gary Pressey provided insight to the company and the different services they offer. When asked, "What impact do you think MDS has on the Lakeway area?” Mr. Pressey replied saying, “It provides many jobs for different people and different areas of work and without the trucking industry we wouldn’t have lots of stuff delivered for our families.” We asked, “What is the hardest part of your job?” Mr. Pressey said, “The long work hours and sometimes it can be stressful when different situations continue to happen in the work field.” Our last question to Mr. Pressey was “Why did you choose to work at MDS?” He replied saying, “It was a great opportunity to help build the company and make a higher standard for the company and the workers.”  

MDS is a company that values their workers’ and customers’ lives and they like to help them through any situation that is going on. MDS also provides many different opportunities for anyone to try if you aren't into driving tucks you can work in the office. MDS cherishes their relationships with their workers and they always put their customers first to give them a good experience at MDS.  

MDS would be happy to answer any questions you have about the company so If interested in speaking with a worker or getting to know more about MDS contact Gary Pressey at 423- 2438-0629 or visit their website at MDS… Service is in our name!  

Pride of Lakeway 

By Gabby Reed and Malachi Jim-Lawson 

April 23rd, 2021 

Madelyn Ochs (Culinary Arts Teacher) has been positively impacted since she was hired for the school year of 2020-2021 at Lakeway Christian Academy, which she believes to be a Christ-centered workplace.  

After Covid-19 disrupted her previous job, Ochs was looking for somewhere she could go where she could worship Christ and do what she loves, while helping others appreciate Culinary Arts. Ochs said “Lakeway has impacted me by giving me a Christ-centered workplace that allows me to do what I love and share that passion with the students.”  

Ochs worked as a private chef for a family in Seymour, TN, before Lakeway Christian Academy (LCA) approached her with this opportunity at the school as a teacher for the Culinary Arts program. She was very thankful, because she has already been searching for a Christian place, like LCA, in which to work.  

Ochs recommends Lakeway to anyone who wants a place to have a relationship with God, as it is a good place for any Christian to go if they are looking for a school or workplace like she was. She shares, “Lakeway is an ideal workplace for those trying to help others and seek a relationship with God. I am extremely grateful that God has given me this opportunity to allow me to do what I do. I am glad I have gotten to meet all the staff and been able to do what I love with these students. They are incredibly talented and promising with everything we have done so far, and I cannot wait to continue to teach them, and see what they become in the future. I am thankful for everyone who has helped me achieve what I have and helped me make it where I am today.” 

Lions’ Roar-port 

By Samantha Miles and Reagan Livesay 

April 18th, 2021 

Lakeway Christian Academy’s very own Roaring Robotics teams went head-to-head with some of the most experienced robotics programs in the state of Tennessee last Friday.  

On Friday, April 16th, the competition began in order to decide which team would represent Tennessee in the World finals. Vex Robotics held their world qualification matches on April 16-17, 2021 at Brentwood Academy, in Brentwood Tennessee.  

Only Lakeway’s teams 16859C, 16859D, and 16859E, out of our five, qualified for the world qualification matches. In order to qualify, you have to win one of the following awards; Excellence Award, Tournament Champion Award, Design Award, and the Skills Champion Award. In order to win these awards, you must compete against about 17 teams through interviews, autonomies, journal entries, and competitions in the arena.  

This year, everyone competed in a game called “Change Up.” In this game, your robot must be able to pick up a ball of a 6-inch circumference and place it in an 18.5-inch-tall tower.  

Team 16859C (Messer, Banks) qualified by getting the Skills Champion Award. Team 16859D (Atkins, Witcher, Rosolowski) qualified by getting the Tournament Champion Award 3 times. Team 16859E qualified by earning high skills points. This is very rare, but when the same teams get the qualifying awards, they don’t have enough teams at the world qualification matches so they pull teams that had a high scoring in skills.  

At the world qualification matches, 16859D were only 1 match away from getting the Tournament Champion Award, but were awarded the Build Award, which does not qualify the team for World finals. Maddox Atkins, on team 16859D, when asked how he thought they did overall this season, said, “We did pretty good; though, we did have some ups and downs.”  

Miracle Wallace, on team 16859E, when asked about how she thought the overall experience was, said “100%. Robotics is like a second family to me.” Mr. Hubbard, the robotics coach, was asked what he has learned this year. He said, “I’ve learned what our students can do in the robotics team. I’ve learned how competitive they are. I’ve learned the dedication that they have when it comes to competing, their sportsmanship, friendship, and comradery with our team, and how they present themselves out there with other teams.” 

If you would like to learn more about robotics or have inquiries about joining the robotics team, go visit room 124 or email Mr. Hubbard at today! 

Pride of Lakeway 

By Reagan Faison and Matthew Tipton 

April 18th, 2021 

Steve Haywood recently accepted the job as Lakeway’s head football coach along with dean of students after Coach Jones’ departure.  

Coach Haywood is a long-time football coach with big plans for Lakeway’s football future. He’s had great success coaching other teams along with winning championships. He plans to train the team on the field and make great football players, but more importantly godly men.  

Coach Haywood also filled the role of Lakeway’s dean of students. When asked about his qualifications for the job, he said, “I am a father of two children and being the dean of students is a lot like parenting.”  Coach Haywood then explained how his role as a parent is similar to being the dean. He also has experience handling discipline with his players.  

Since his arrival at Lakeway, people have said nothing but positive things about him. When asked about his opinion of Coach Haywood, Coach Cox replied, “I think first and foremost he is a good Christian man with Christian values.” He also said, “I think he is a leader who wants to see boys succeed on and off the field.” Ethan West ’23, one of last year's lead receivers, was asked about is opinion on Haywood. He said, “I think he will be a great football coach and will push us to be the best we can be.”  

Haywood can be found upstairs in the main offices. He makes it clear that his door will always be open for anyone who wants to talk about football, discipline, or even just get to know him. It's obvious that Steve Haywood will be a great fit for the job. He is highly qualified, and Lakeway can't wait to see what he has in store for us. 



By Lexie Foxx and Gracie Hinton 

April 18th, 2021 

Chapel band experienced technical difficulties throughout a recent worship service as a result of Satan’s desire to distract the audience from the loving presence of God.  

During the worship and praise service Thursday, April 15th, the microphones would turn off, causing the talented singers and musicians to be off key to a certain degree. This resulted in the audience being distracted and confused. All the students’ and staffs’ attention had been transferred from participating in the glorious activity to focusing on the small mishaps in technical strife. 

Being witnesses to the technical hitches in chapel did make it a struggle to keep focus on God, however it is a shared opinion that the ending came through to snatch the audience back. Sarah Kesterson shared her opinion with us in an interview. In response to the question: “What impact did the service have on you?” she wrote, “The technical issues were distractions, but the end was good when we sang the song without the microphones.” Chapel’s conclusion seemed to be a favorite by all. During the service it was noted that audience members began to pay more attention after the sound system was done away with.  

The acknowledgement of the power of evil attempting to overrun chapel is a good sign that Lakeway as a whole was moving in a positive direction for God, as mentioned by Mr. Burns towards the end of the service. This contributed to the overall message of perseverance. The culmination of the last song drove that point home. A sweet detail of the last song that had a special effect on the audience was the organized clapping begun by the students. It gave a more familial feel to the closing of the service.  

Wrapping up the chapel, Mrs. Reed left the audience with a summarized recap. As they exited chapel, students and staff were left with the perspicuous message of persevering through all trials with our eyes on God.  

Lions’ Roar-port 

By Abby Goodall & Eli Briggs 

April 18th, 2021 

Lakeway Christian Academy varsity baseball dominated Grace Christian on Tuesday, April 13th at Joey Seaver Field for a district win 5-0. 

Kyle Compton ‘22 started for the Lions on the mound and JJ Johnson ‘22 behind the plate. Camden Hargis ‘23 started the Lions off to an early lead in the first inning when he drove in a run. The Rams’ pitchers struggled to throw strikes and walked many Lions. The Lions scored 3 runs in the first inning. Defensively, the Lions held the Rams to a 0-run inning.  

However, the Lions did not score again till the 4th inning. The Lions started the 4th inning with Naylen Turner ‘21 getting on base and scoring off Compton’s double. Connor Mcfayden ’21 went 2-2 with a double and 2 RBI’s. Camden Hargis went 3-4, along with Eli Briggs ’23 going 2-4. The Lions did not score after that.  

The Lakeway defense was on point Tuesday night. Compton pitched with a tempo! He was in a groove for the Lions’ success. Compton’s defense backed him up throughout the whole night. Naylen Turner and Carson Shockley ’21 turned a double play to close one inning. The Lions’ defense had an “attack” mentality and left it all out on the field. The Lions made zero errors throughout the night. The bats were swinging for the Lions with a total of 12 hits on the night. Compton was able to pitch with a lead through the whole night.   

Catcher JJ Johnson ‘22 said “The team's mindset was to win the first inning and hit the ball a lot better than they did the previous night.” “Defensively,” he said, “the pitching was on point and they were hitting their spots.” 

Furthermore, Lakeway gave the first 200 fans to arrive, free Cruz Farm ice cream. The first pitch and first cup were at 6:00 pm. Don’t miss the next game! Check the calendar at for your chance to see the Lions in action. 


Community Spotlight 

By Eli Nix and Grant Frazier 

April 18th, 2021 

Anthony “Ant” Thompson Jr. was shot by police after they discovered he was in possession of a firearm at Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville on Monday, April 12th, 2021.  

It is unknown the reason that Thompson had a firearm on him.  

One officer, Adam Wilson, a 20-year KPD veteran, was shot during the scramble with Thompson; however, Thompson’s weapon was not used to shoot the officer.  

Thompson was in the bathroom when officers discovered he had a firearm in his bag. The officers then ordered Thompson to come out of the restroom, but he refused. The officers rushed him in the bathroom, and got into a scramble with Thompson. A shot was fired and struck Officer Adam Wilson in the leg; then, another officer shot and killed Thompson.  

How will this affect security procedure at LCA, you may ask. Roger Fanti, Head of Security at LCA said “No, it will not, because I'm the man, basically.” Fanti conveys that he will work single-handedly to manage any situation that could arise in our building. 

Roger Fanti served twenty years on the NYPD, including service during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers, and is now serving as the SRO and Head of Security at LCA. He also said, “It was a tragedy, but unfortunately some things can’t be circumvented, and necessary actions were taken.”  

Though key details of the incident are still unknown, officers must be alert, and do what they feel is right in a split- second decision. Fanti also shared, “Unfortunately you only have seconds to respond in a situation like that, and he made the right decision, and I would have made the same one.” Officer Adam Wilson was in serious condition after the incident and underwent surgery Monday night. Some reports say that Wilson may have shot himself in the leg while trying to draw his firearm from its holster. Fanti said, “You really can't prepare for something like that, because you just don’t know if it will happen.”