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Prefect Program

We are excited about our Prefect student leadership opportunities this coming year. Take a look at the different prefects and consider which committee would best fit your interests and passions. Contact Mr. Moyer or Mrs. Reed if you would like to be a part of a prefect this coming year!

High School Prefect Statements 

Emma Burnett, Student Life

The high school Student Life Committee is a committee designed to make school feel a little more like home and the people we see every day a little more like family. Our job is to take into account what track our school is on and it up with either in school or out of school activities throughout the year. Student Life will also work with others committees in order to promote an overall warm environment for our students new and old. This will provide everyone with a great way to make our growing community feel a bit smaller and closer together.

Kenzie McGhee, Academic  

The Academic Prefect will strive to make the environment of each class at Lakeway Christian Academy as stress free and fun as possible. We will aim to create an environment in every class where the students can create relationships with teachers and other classmates so that students feel comfortable to receive help if they need or want it. As a committee we will aspire to do these things while upholding Lion PRIDE and trying to be Christian role models to the Lakeway Student Body, faculty and community around us.  We are excited to discuss new ideas and how we can put those ideas into place at Lakeway this year. 

Moriah Reed, Admissions  

As a still ‘new’ LCA student, I know how nerve-racking and scary being a new student can be. Our goal within the admissions prefect is to unite new and old students into a strong student body, ready to love one another and portray Jesus. To do this, the admissions prefect will bring all students together in various activities to bond and form strong relationships.  

Layla Arwood, Campus Pride  

The Campus Pride prefect will work to ensure that the students understand how blessed we are to have such nice facilities, and the blessing it is to be able to come to a private Christian school. This committee will also help to encourage student by having positive and encouraging messages displayed throughout the campus! 

Hannah Pressey, School Spirit  

This upcoming year is going to be so great because we get to celebrate so many first’s! The School Spirit Prefect and I will help plan and execute the fun things for our school like pep rallies and tailgates. We will also be collaborating with the other committees for exciting projects. I would love to have you join the School Spirit Prefect and be a part of the many great things God is going to do through Lakeway Christian Academy this year!  

Nathan Catron, Service 

The Service Prefect will strive to show God’s love and to serve others by following what Jesus told us in Matthew 22:37-40.  As a group and as individuals, we will set an example for our teachers, administrators, and fellow students through our love for God and others as we serve Him and those around us. Everything we do will be for the glory of God and to point others to Him in our actions and our attitudes as we serve. Our prefect will help plan and coordinate service projects and serve the other prefects. 

Hannah Creech, Spiritual Life 

The Spiritual Life committee and I look forward to working closely with students as they continue to grow and prosper in their relationship with the Lord! We have a lot of exciting events and ideas planned to help grow unity among students! Nothing is greater than coming together to worship the Lord, and I look forward to seeing what God has in store this coming year at Lakeway!

Middle School Prefect Statements

Ellee Brown, Admissions  

Hi, y’all! My name is Ellee Brown, and I am the middle school prefect for Admissions. In my committee, we will be helping and ministering to new students! We will help them adapt to a new school and help them get to know other kids their age. My committee will meet regularly and come up with new ways to help out the newbies! I would love to have you in the Admissions committee to help serve our growing school! 

Patti Ann Ballinger, Spiritual Life and Service 

Hello, my name is Patti Ann I am your prefect for “Spiritual life & Service”. In my prefect my committee and I are here to help our student body become a strong unit through Christ, and help each individual become closer in their personal relationships with God! Where the service aspect of my prefect comes in to play is where we will contribute in chapel whether that’s helping set the chairs to helping lead in the message. My goal is to help our student body become a tight unit where we aren’t afraid to share with others, but we know we can always help each other out and put others first! If any students are interested in being a member of my committee, I would love to talk with them! Thank you! 

Mary Woods McVicker, Student Life  

My name is Mary Woods McVicker and I am the middle school prefect for Student Life. The Student Life committee will be planning events throughout the year to unite our student body. Together, we will strive to establish closer relationships among our fellow students and establish PRIDE as Lakeway Lions. 

Natalie Long, Academics 

Hello! My name is Natalie Long, and I am the middle school prefect for Academics. I came to Cornerstone my 6th grade year, and I am very excited to work on everything that goes on inside the classroom. One of my major goals is to improve classroom culture and incorporate technology into the daily classroom activities. By doing so I believe that using digital citizenship is very important. I believe Lakeway gives amazing opportunities for athletics and artists, but I would also like to provide opportunities for people who strive in the field of academics to show off their talents. Those are a few of my goals that I hope to accomplish this year. Can’t wait to work with you and all your family this year! God Bless!  

Olivia Calloway, School Spirit 

Hi! My name is Olivia Calloway, and I am the middle school prefect for School Spirit.  My prefect will mainly be helping to create fun events surrounding spirit weeks, sports games and other school events. One of my ideas is a donation party, where we can all come together and donate school supplies, food, etc. for other people. I hope you will think about joining my committee!