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Summer Reading 2021

The Lakeway Christian Academy English Department is excited to share information about the Summer Reading Program, an effort to encourage ongoing learning and student growth beyond the confines of the school year. By participating in the Summer Reading Program, students actively combat the educational regression that naturally occurs over the summer months. Reading over the summer months is an important opportunity for students to stay engaged and to develop a lifelong commitment to reading and learning.

The Lakeway English Department recommends all students to read one book over the summer. The titles were selected with the purposes of student engagement and preparation for the coming year. Families will find the specific information for each grade below. The books cover a variety of genres, topics, difficulty, and length. For this reason, we recommend that you review the GoodReads info provided and research the book prior to locating a copy to read. These books are available for purchase in stores such as Books-A-Million and McKay’s. Students may also purchase the book through an online warehouse or marketplace such as Amazon (and may even purchase the book as an electronic download if available). The public library has many of these titles available as well.

We recommend you set aside time to read your book: 20 minutes each day at the same time each day. Find a quiet and convenient location that is free from distractions so that you can fully enjoy the story in front of you. If you do this, you will finish before the start of the next school year. Students must complete their summer reading by the first week of school. After this time, teachers will incorporate activities into their lessons that address the required summer reading.

Thank you for continuing to invest in reading and education. Remember, the most important part of Summer Reading is that you enjoy it! The attached books contain fantastic stories and interesting characters. Have a great summer and happy reading!

Step-by-Step to Summer Reading

  • Choose a book from the list attached. It must be a book that you have not yet read.
  • Read the book over the summer. Complete the reading by the first week of school.
  • Be prepared to complete an assignment over the book in the first two weeks of the upcoming school year.