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eLearning at Lakeway

Response to Your Feedback


Dear Lakeway Families, 

Last week we sent out a link to receive feedback from you as we reached the two-week mark of our eLearning journey. There were quite a few positive and encouraging responses, and I want to thank you for that. There were also a few areas of anxiety or concern that were mentioned that we are working with our faculty to improve. 

One particular theme that appeared was a desire from many of you to have better tools to partner with us in holding your child accountable by knowing how to find assignments and how best to “homeschool” your son or daughter in this eLearning mode. I wanted to take the opportunity to give you some practical tips to help you in this arena. 

All assignments that our teachers give are posted in Microsoft Teams. This has been a great platform for us to utilize for assignments, communication, and our daily class meetings. I have instructed our teachers to always post every assignment there – even if it links out to some other tool like OneNote. When you sit down with your child, ask him/her to click on the “Assignments” tab, where you should see everything listed by class.  

Check in with your child daily. It is so beneficial to have a daily, brief conversation with your son or daughter to find out what is going on in their classes. While they may be resistant at first, don’t let them off with a “fine” or “nothing” answer to your questions about how they’re doing or what work they have. Ask for details and have them show you their assignments in Teams. Ask questions to gauge their understanding and reach out to teachers if you sense a disconnect. 

Help your child with time management by establishing a good daily routine. It is easy to treat eLearning days like summer break – students want to stay up late and sleep in, or immediately go to video games or other activities as soon as class meetings end. Establish a sensible, regular bedtime and designated “work hours” during the day to help them draw healthy boundaries around school time and free time. 

If your child has any problems with their computer or with access to their Microsoft account, please use the new IT helpdesk form located here. This is absolutely the quickest way to get the help that you need with school issued devices.  

Finally, be sure to use the resources at your disposal. If you have any questions about a class or a particular assignment, reach out to that teacher via email so they can help. If your student needs additional support, our student support team (Mrs. Staples, Mrs. Inman, and Mrs. Hees) along with our Christian Life staff (Mr. Moyer and Mrs. Reed) are available from the contact form located here. 

Of course, you can also feel free to contact me or Mr. Ezell with any questions or concerns you may have. Together, we can work to make the best of this situation and come out stronger on the other side.  

As we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior during this Holy week, I pray that you find the comfort and peace that can only come from the true security found in Him! 


David McVicker 
Principal, Lakeway Christian Academy 

Lakeway Parents -

As the circumstances around us continue to evolve and information changes, one thing that has become clear is that we are going to be out of school for more than just this week. Even though we cannot hold classes in person as we typically do, it is important that we continue to provide a high-quality academic program and that learning continues for our students. We are going to begin using the Microsoft Teams platform to hold real-time class meetings and to facilitate communication between teachers and students. In order to maintain some structure and accountability for students we will be adopting a daily schedule.

It will be expected that each class hold a meeting each weekday at the designated time. Your class meeting will take place via Teams and will last a maximum of 20 minutes. Students can access Teams via the icon on their desktop or through the Teams mobile app that is available for free in your app store. 

  • Our first virtual class meetings via Teams will take place Thursday, March 19. 
  • Students can join the class meeting by opening Teams, selecting the appropriate class group, and clicking on the meeting notification that will appear there. 
  • Students are expected to go live at the beginning of each class. They should have Teams open to join the meeting. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory. Starting Monday there will be a small daily participation grade taken for each class meeting as a way of holding them accountable for attending. 
  • Teachers will use the time to lecture, explain an assignment, allow time for questions, or simply to check in with your class. This may take far less than 20 minutes, and that is OK. 
  • After the meeting, students should expect between 20 and 30 minutes of additional work for the day, which will occur later in the day. This could come in the form of reading, additional practice, online discussion, and/or watching a video with an attached assignment, among other things. 
  • Teachers will be available to answer questions via email or Teams chat between noon and 3:00 each day. 

We recognize that this shift may bring some unexpected technical challenges. Our IT team is ready to help should you need any tech support. Our IT Director, David Fox, can be reached via email at in case of an emergency but the best way to report a problem is through the IT Support Ticket (link available to the right under support resources). It is also essential that you notify your teacher via email or Teams chat if you experience technical difficulties that prevent you from joining a class meeting or completing a digital assignment.  

This is new territory for all of us. Both students and teachers are going to be learning how to do this together, so it is important that we all extend grace to one another as we work through any difficulties that may arise. Although these are stressful times, it is comforting to know that we serve the God of the universe who is still on His throne and is still Lord of all creation – including the coronavirus! We will get through this and be stronger for it if we work together and stay mindful that we all want the same things for our students. 

I often close my communications with you by thanking you for partnering with us in the education of your child. And, while I never want that to become cliché, it is so true – now more than ever – that this is really a partnership. I am thankful that you have chosen Lakeway Christian Academy to be your partner! 

Mr. David McVicker
Lakeway Principal


Adjustments to Scheduled Events (April 1)

Hello Lakeway Families, 

As we enter week three of school being closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to give you some updates on adjustments to scheduled plans that have been made so far. I’m sure that many of you are wondering about additional events that are on the calendar as well. Please know that we are making decisions regarding rescheduling and/or cancelling events as information becomes available. We will communicate those changes with you as soon as we are able. 

These are the changes that we know of at this time:

Standardized Testing 

There are three different types of testing that have been on the calendar to occur over the next several weeks. Please read carefully to determine which apply to your student: 

Middle School Achievement Testing – We had scheduled to administer the CTP Achievement Test, published by the Educational Records Bureau, to all students in grades 6-8 during the week of April 27-May 1. We will not be administering that test this year. Because of the number of instructional days that have been lost or moved to eLearning, we believe that data will not provide an accurate or valid measurement of student achievement this year. We will resume our normal achievement testing patterns next year. 

ACT – We were scheduled to give an on-site ACT test to our current 11th graders on April 7th. Due to school being closed, we are going to move that test administration to a date in the fall for those students. At this time, all ACT and SAT testing dates have been cancelled by those companies through June.  

AP Testing – For those students taking an AP class this year, the College Board is now offering an at-home administration of the AP end-of-course tests. We are working with the College Board to take advantage of that option and have been in communication with those students who are affected.  

Community Service Hours 

Our current status and the social distancing recommendations that are in place have made obtaining community service hours extremely burdensome, if not impossible at this time. For that reason, we will waive the 15 hours of community service that is required for all high school students for this year. Any hours that have already been earned will be reflected on students’ transcripts, and hours that have been earned but not logged can still be entered into RenWeb. We will resume with the normal service hours requirement for the 2020-2021 school year.  

As we have said before, we so much appreciate the patience and support from our Lakeway families as we all try to navigate this unforeseen terrain together. As events continue to unfold we will be sure to communicate with you whenever we are able to give you additional information.  

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in the education of your child! 


David McVicker 
Principal, Lakeway Christian Academy 

Student Support

Greetings Lakeway Families,

As we transition to online learning please know that our School Counseling and Christian Life Teams are here to support you and continue to facilitate a positive learning environment that is Christ-honoring. In the days to come, we are available to answer any questions, listen to concerns, pray or simply be present with you. We will be available through Microsoft Teams to virtually meet with students.  Feel free to contact us via email to schedule a time to connect. Our teams are available between the hours of 8-3 pm. We thank you for the opportunity to partner with you.



Alani Staples, Director of School Counseling

Jason Moyer, Director of Christian Life

Ellen Reed, Assistant Director of Christian Life




eLearning Schedule

Support during Distance Learning

We have set up the following channels to support you while we are out of school: