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Community Service

Community Service Requirement

Students in 9-12th grades are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service per high school year. These hours are to be composed of 5 hours of school service and 10 hours of church and/or community service - with no more than 5 of the hours served at a church. The school service hours are a requirement and are planned by the school. The student is required to plan the other service hours. Details and forms are located on the school’s website and Family Portal. Questions may be directed to our Christian Life Team. 

Recording Service Hours


Please follow the instructions below to add service hours for your child:  

NOTE – This process only works in the web version of RenWeb. You cannot enter service hours through the RenWeb Home app.

  • Log in to ParentsWeb
  • Click the “Family” tab on the left
  • In the top-center of the screen, click the pull-down menu there and select the child’s name
  • Click the plus sign in the top of the Service Hours box
  • Enter the details of the service opportunity
    • Note – in the “Description” box you should click the option to “[type a custom value].” This will allow you to type in the details of the service opportunity
  • Click the “Save” button when you are finished entering the information