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LCA Christian Life

Lent at Lakeway

In chapel this week, Rev. Stacy Morgan shared with our students and staff about the upcoming Lenten season.  Below are some of the key thoughts Mr. Morgan shared as he encouraged each of us to take the next several weeks to grow in our faith and intentionally focus on becoming more like Jesus.  We would love for you to join us as we read Scriptures each day during Lent.  You can find the Bible reading plan on the Christian Life page on our website. 

Trusting our great God to bless and grow you as you seek to know Him,
The Christian Life Team

What is Lent?

  • Lent is a time of self-reflection and self-denial in preparation for the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb 17) and ends the Saturday night before Easter (April 3) lasting 40 days (excluding Sunday each week)

“Traditionally, Christians will fast from something (usually certain foods or drink or certain activities) during the 40 days of Lent (with the exception of Sundays, which is a weekly celebration of Christ’s resurrection).  This is to remind us of the great sacrifice that Christ made for us. Jesus gave up so much to restore our relationship to God (Philippians 2), is it too much to ask of us to give something up for 40 days?  My prayer for today is to use these 40 days for Spiritual growth. I’m talking about making real changes in your life to become more like Jesus Christ. Changes that will last more than 40 days. changes that will last for eternity!”

Ideas of Lent: Fasting, Feasting, & Service:

Here are some of  my suggestions.  Remember to commit to the ideas that will help you grow to become more like Jesus over the next 40 days.

Ideas of things we can fast from:

  • Social Media
    Giving it up altogether may be difficult since many of us use social media for school, church, & other communication purposes, but maybe we can limit our uses. Only use social media for positive purposes not for recreation.
  • Texting
    Like social media, texting does have its practical purposes and is necessary in so many situations, but I encourage you to call friends and family members rather than texting them.
  • Junk food
    I’m definitely preaching to myself here but taking care of our physical bodies has Spiritual importance. I also encourage you to use the money you would have spent on junk food to help others.
  • Sarcasm
    This can be a tough one!  While you’re attempting to give this up, you can help encourage others. We need to use our words to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Words can hurt! Use only language that encourages because we don’t know all the things others may be battling in their lives. We may be the only Jesus that person sees all week!
  • Sleeping in
    Students, I challenge you not to do this for your own sake, but you should use that extra time on Saturday mornings to do something meaningful and productive.

Ideas of things we can feast on:

  • Reading the Bible 
    I encourage you to set aside time each day for reading your Bible.
  • Memorizing Bible Verses
    You can memorize a verse a day, or a verse a week.
  • Prayer
    Set aside a time each day for prayer, whether in the morning when you first get up or at night before bed. Or maybe between classes.
  • Time with family
    This is so important. Time passes way too fast. I know it can be difficult for families to connect with all the busyness in everyone’s schedules. But this is a very important aspect in our Spiritual growth! I promise you when you make this suggestion, your parents will love it.

Ideas for service:

  • Do your siblings’ chores once a week
    Not as a trade off, but simply to do something nice.
  • Treat someone to a soda/coffee
    When you’re out with friends, you can offer to pay for their treats.
  • Say Thank you
    Write a thank you note to one of your teachers, coaches, or someone who has made a positive impact in your life. A thank you note will be very appreciated.
  • Help a neighbor with yard work
    Offer to rake leaves or cut the grass or whatever they need.
  • Bake cookies for an elderly member of the church
    A small gesture like this will be very meaningful for both the giver and receiver.

Do something for someone who needs help & has no way to pay you back. I truly believe if you’re looking to grow closer to the Lord this is where you will find His presence!

February 2-Week Plan

Dear Lakeway students, staff, and families,

Last week during our Spiritual Emphasis Week, we considered the importance of talking with God as a part of being completely committed and conformed to the example of Jesus.  Often throughout the Gospels we see Jesus taking time to talk with God the Father.  The Christian Life team has organized a guide as a means of focus during your time talking with God for the next 2 weeks.  There are 3 areas to talk with God about for each day: What, Who, and How.

  • What - what people/things am I thankful for. 

    Take time as you begin to talk with God to thank Him for the people, things, etc. in your life. 
  • Who - who can I ask God to help, bless, etc. 

    A group of people is listed for each day for example on day 4 you could pray for Governor Lee, President Biden, and Vice President Harris as well as local leaders.  On day 12 & 13 you could talk with God about a specific country or region of the world asking for His provision and protection for fellow believers and for the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to rescue sinners and restore them to a right relationship with God.
  • How - how do I want to see God at work in my life to help me become more like Jesus.  

We hope this brief guide will be of help to you as you seek to know Jesus and grow on your Christian journey.  The listed suggestions are just that - suggestions as they are simply intended to help spark a thought or idea and allow God the Spirit to guide you as you talk with Him each day for the next 14 days.  If our team can be of any help, please let us know.

On the journey,

The LCA Christian Life team