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Academic Opportunities

You Science Program

At Lakeway Christian Academy, we are dedicated to educating students, so they are equipped for life beyond high school and prepared to take the next steps in their faith.  This week in advisory, students participated in a learning opportunity that will provide them with valuable information on how God has uniquely fashioned each one of them.

We are excited share with you that Lakeway Christian Academy, recently partnered with YouScience, creator of the innovative new program called YouScience to provide practical means of discovering each student’s unique set of talents, and understanding the possibilities that stem from them.

Learn more about how the program works by clicking here for high school students and, clicking here for middle school students.

YouScience is an exciting new tool for us, and is being offered directly to our families for the first time. With this program, students will discover their unique set of talents through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests and personality. It’s a completely new way to understand where your children will succeed and allows Lakeway Christian Academy to deliver even more effective and accurate guidance in preparing our graduates both spiritually and academically to become Christ-centered leaders who impact their community. 

The online, scientific program takes students through a series of exercises and interest questions, designed to determine their results in the key aptitudes utilized in the working world. The results include a review of the student’s strengths, suggested environments where they will succeed, detailed information on possible careers that match those skills and interests, majors that map to those careers, and much more. Over the course of November, students will complete the three-part assessment each week during advisory. Once results come in, advisers will students review and interpret the comprehensive results. 

Based on the science behind the YouScience and our review of the program, we believe that this will help students make more informed decisions when it comes to major and career-related choices. This could translate into a more cost-effective and enjoyable journey through the college years, as well as helping students make better initial career choices. It is our hope that with this resource, students will be able to construct meaningful educational plans in congruence with God’s path for their lives.

Please contact Alani Staples or KC Alvarado if you have any additional questions. 

Talented and Gifted Program

All 5th through 8th grade students are invited to apply and participate in the Talented and Gifted Program at Walter State. 

In its 38th year, T.A.G. 2020 – with a projected enrollment of up to 500 students from 13 area public school systems, private schools and home school cooperatives — consists of approximately 35 programs offered multiple times which have been designed to stimulate and challenge East Tennessee’s gifted students from the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The classes are instructed by area experts and will be conducted in such a manner as to encourage student participation in hands-on activities, as well as verbal participation.

Program courses include:

  • Insects Don't Bug Us
  • Marine Biology
  • Movie Production
  • Web Design
  • Sign Language
  • Robot Wars
  • Pottery
  • Creative Writing
  • Forensic Science
  • and more!

Lakeway Christian School's Director of CTE and Student Engagement, Mrs. KC Alvarado, will be visiting students this week to share details. Deadline to apply is November 26. Feel free to contact with questions.