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In Christ, We Achieve.

Serving the community, exploring the beauty of nature, painting a canvas depicting biblical truth — learning and achievement go far beyond the boundaries of textbooks and lectures. Lakeway Christian Academy (LCA) will seek to develop a love of critical thinking for our students with fun, diversified strategies to reach all learning styles.

LCA seeks to provide a comprehensive education for students, whatever their interest may be. In grades 6-8, academic courses will include Bible, social studies, language arts, math, and science. National standards are followed with biblical principles integrated throughout the curriculum. In addition, students will rotate through classes of computer, foreign language, music, and reading.

The high school curriculum is college preparatory and ensures that students can be competitive wherever they decide to attend college. Honors classes will be available at all grade levels with Advanced Placement courses offered to qualified students.

In addition to the traditional curriculum, a classical track may be taken. While many of the classes are identical to the traditional track, this track emphasizes the three academic categories of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

The Grammar Stage
The student learns the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Students Pre-K – 5th grade are naturally good at memorization, and the grammar stage takes full advantage of this fact. This foundation, from which all other subjects can be approached, is built at our sister school, Cornerstone Academy.

End result: Student becomes knowledgeable.

The Logic Stage
The student studies formal logic and argumentation. Students 6th–8th grade have a natural argumentative tendency, which if properly channeled will enable children to think and draw their own conclusions based on facts.

End result: Student becomes a thinker.

The Rhetoric Stage
The student learns how to give expression to thoughts. In the high school years, self-expression is very important. The student who is classically trained will be able to communicate their thoughts with eloquence and clarity.

End result: Student becomes articulate.

Our curriculum will prepare the student for college or their career path of choice with biblical truth as the fixed point of reference. We help students recognize that all areas of instruction - scientific, historical, mathematical, literary, or artistic - must be understood within the pattern of God’s truth as revealed in the Bible.

No matter which academic path a student chooses, we know in Christ, We Rise.