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Ortho Tennessee is the official Sports Medicine partner for Lakeway Christian Academy. 

In an effort to treat injuries more effectively, certified athletic trainers work as part of a complete health care team that consists of a licensed physician, other healthcare professionals, athletic administrators, coaches, and parents.

Athletic trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification (NATABOC). They must earn a degree from an accredited athletic training curriculum and pass a three part test administered by the BOC. They are also required to stay current in the advancements in athletic training by obtaining continuing education credits.

In addition to certification, ATCs must meet individual state licensing requirements. In the state of Tennessee athletic trainers are licensed through the Board of Medical Examiners.

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What to do if I'm injured?

1) Athlete will report to the Athletic Trainer (ATC) regarding the injury, together they will notify coach if not already aware.  Coaches will send injured athletes to the ATC as well (excluding 911/EMS emergencies.) 

2) ATC will evaluate injury and report findings to student athlete and Coach

3) ATC will notify parents or legal guardian. The ATC will provide current information regarding options for follow-up care, EMS or current transport. 

4) Athletes should provide medical instructions to ATC from healthcare provider, including return to play documentation.  ATC will keep a daily treatment log and folder of notes.  Ultimately, ATC will release student-athlete back to coach to resume participation.

Medical Referral and Continued Care

At the time of the examination of the injury, the ATC will present her opinion on the need of a medical referral

Parents/Guardian will be notified if there is a need for a medical referral

ATC will give advice about the type of physician that would best help the student athlete

The final decision rests with the parent/guardian, if the parent/guardian disregards the referral, the student athlete will be medically disqualified until they are seen by a physician.

If the student athlete receives care from a physician, a completed form or Rx (prescription) will indicate the diagnosis and suggestions for the continued care of the student athlete; this note is required after seeing a physician.

In the event an injured student athlete sees a physician without prior knowledge of the ATC, the athlete must bring a written report of the physician’s finding for the release to play.  If this is not provided, the student athlete will not be permitted to practice/compete until this note is filed with the ATC.

If ATC feels that continued play with injury is detrimental to the student athlete, regardless of physician clearance, student athlete will remain under no play/practice status until ATC can contact physician and get clarification on exact findings of the evaluation.