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Why Choose Pre-Kindergarten at Cornerstone Academy?

February 23, 2018
By Lynette Fowler

“We wanted a place that would encourage loving the Lord, manners, hard work, respectfulness, a family centered dynamic, and strong academics.” – Ashley Williams (Pre-K Parent)

1.   Biblical Instruction: Our students are taught Bible daily; however, Christ and His teachings are implemented in our instruction in every subject. For example, when learning about triangles, our class might also learn about The Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). We learned about the twelve disciples during our Community Helpers week. It was a great connection for our young minds to realize that Jesus had helpers, just like we have people in our community to help us.

2.   Power of Play: Preschoolers love to play. It’s an important part of their development and how they learn. We use toys in our teaching instruction to help increase vocabulary and inspire learning. For example, during our Zoo Unit we built zoos with building blocks and Legos. They were given animals to put in their exhibits. Without realizing it, students started using math skills as they asked questions like: “Which zoo is longest? shortest? tallest?" They also found themselves building vocabulary and practicing fine-motor skills. This is a valuable learning opportunity that our young learners love.  

3.   Phonics Based: We learn one letter a week based around a specific theme: H is for harvest, I for insect, T for transportation, etc. This strategy allows us to focus on the letter and really emphasize what each letter looks like, how it is pronounced, and what sound it makes. We also learn how to write and sign the letter with our hands. Learning one letter a week is a slow process; however, it lays a beautiful foundation for learning to read.

"We chose CA because we were looking for a school that would reinforce values that we teach at home. We are very intentional about the people we place in the lives of our children when they are young. We know that the teachers at CA are people who will not only educate them to the highest standard but will also work alongside us as parents to shape and mold our children’s character." - Caroline Kelly (Pre-K Parent)

4.  Sign Language: We love teaching our little learners sign language. Sign Language helps develop fine motor skills. By moving their hands in different ways, they are developing muscles that will help them hold pencils later on in their educational career.

5.   Music Instruction: I cannot sing the praises and benefits of music enough in a classroom. Most of our content and classroom procedures are learned through songs. In Math, we use songs to learn the formation of numbers, and in Science, types of dinosaurs; Phonics, letters and sounds are taught through music. Students are learning enormous amounts of information without the restrictions of deskwork. We have very cheerful classrooms full of music and movement.

"Jordyn loved the songs, bible verses and all the activities." - Tonya Richards (Pre-K Parent)

6.   Extra-Curricular Activities: Part of our daily schedule is either Physical Education or Music taught by a trained teacher. Physical Education is a wonderful addition to our program that develops gross-motor skills (balance and core strength). Our music teacher focuses on the basics and foundations of music like rhythm and beat.  Our school also offers violin lessons for our Pre-K students.

7.   Community: The environment that God orchestrates in our building is my favorite part of our program.  Every administrator, teacher, aide, parent volunteer, and office staff member have been placed here by God to interact with our students in such a way that points them to Christ. Another benefit of being a part of a larger school (CA is Pre-K through 12th grade) is that we have older students who love our youngest school members. Middle school students come into our classroom to read books and play puzzles, while high school students may come to model prayer.  Our younger learners love when older students interact with them. It’s exciting to learn from other kids!

"We also loved that with this school EVERYONE is involved with our child's future." - Tonya Richards (Pre-K Parent)

8.   Affordable and Available: Our four-year-olds' class is less expensive than most daycares in the area - and with the same flexible hours. Our doors open at 7:30 am for parents that need to attend work; however, school starts at 8:00 am. We have flexible hours with pick-up times at noon or 3:00 pm. We also offer AfterCare until 5:30 pm. For more information on our schedules and pricing, please check out our website.

9.   Qualified Teaching Staff: The Lord has really blessed us with an incredible teaching staff. All teachers have a teaching license and/or education degree. Meet our Teachers:

Mrs. Lynette Fowler, Pre-K Director/Teacher
Mrs. Lynette Fowler, Pre-K Director/Teacher


Mrs. Aggie Cornett, Young Fours Lead Teacher
Mrs. Aggie Cornett, Young Fours Lead Teacher


 Mrs. Connie Ballinger, Lead Teacher

Mrs. Connie Ballinger, Lead Teacher


Mrs. Jackie Rosolowski, Lead Teacher
Mrs. Jackie Rosolowski, Lead Teacher


Mrs. Shannon Key, Junior Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Mrs. Shannon Key, Junior Kindergarten Lead Teacher


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