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Our educational philosophy is to teach children to think and learn for themselves. Many of our techniques are based on centuries old teaching with a proven track record such as the integration of Latin. Our selected curriculum fully addresses state standards while being engaging to students. The educational methodology centers around Christ to equip students with a biblical worldview and heart for Christ.


The Lakeway Christian Schools education model drives critical thinking through technology integration. The Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) lab are integral parts of our curriculum. Students are given the opportunity for hands-on learning and to apply lessons taught in the classroom. As students grow and develop a strong foundation, they are exposed to more technology.


Expressing creativity is an important aspect of being involved at Lakeway Christian Schools. Lakeway Christian Schools fosters environments where students will use their talents as a form of worship and expression through music, band, visual art, and theatre. Students can choose from an array of creative opportunities from Pre-K through 12th grade. The arts programs at Lakeway Christian Schools cultivate multi-disciplined students.


Participation in service projects starts with the youngest students. Just as students master educational material through practice and repetition, we believe they learn to be Christ-like and service minded. Each year our students complete more than hundreds of hours of service for our community.
Students minister to each other as well. They support peers as they display their artistic talents and compete in sporting events. Encouraging peers establishes that we all have a role in our community to achieve success. Our on campus community is full of activities including musicals, chapel, and our very own county fair!

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