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Week of July 22-26

The Referral Program is Back!

Cards Available in the Main Office.

The continual progress of Lakeway Christian Schools’ academics, arts, and athletics is creating a buzz in the community.  While excitement is increasing, interest is rising. The supportive families of our two schools are the greatest ambassadors to share within the community about the academic rigor and commitment to excellence at LCS.  More than anything, we hope the families of Lakeway and Cornerstone are eager to tell our story with Christ as the centerpiece of everything we do.   

Several families have asked about the referral program utilized in the past.  We have heard your request and want to support your efforts to tell others about the great things happening in our schools.  So, we are bringing back the referral program! 

Here is how it works: 

  • Pick up a Referral Card from the school office (available starting Monday, July 22). 
  • Pass it out to a family that would be a good fit for Lakeway or Cornerstone. 
  • When the interested family tours, ask them to submit the card with your name on it.  
  • Once the NEW family completes the admissions process and enrolls, you will receive 10% off the tuition of the youngest student in your family. The discount will commence at the time of the enrollment (the 10% discount will not be retroactive to the beginning of the school year).  

Thank you in advance for your continued partnership at LCS! We look forward to meeting the new families that visit because of your referral! 


July 22-26: Curtis Staples Basketball Camp (CA Gym) 
July 23-26: Baseball Camp (CN Baseball Field)
July 24: Read S'more (CA library, 10 a.m.)
July 25: Popsicles on the Playground (PreK)


August 1: Teachers Return (In-Service)
August 8: Cornerstone Back-to-School Orientation / Supply List Drop Off (5:45 p.m. PreK and K; 6:30 grades 1-5)
August 12: First day of School at Cornerstone (PreK-5th Grade)
August 15: Lakeway Orientation – 5:30-6:00 New Family Orientation; 6:00 Orientation Welcome in Gym; 6:00-7 Students go to classrooms and meet teachers
(6th - 12th grade)

Faces of Lakeway


Jay Lowery
Physics and Math Teacher; Football and Softball Assistant Coach

Spouse: Ivy Renfroe Lowery

Teaching Experience:
7 years teaching experience, most recently at Huntingdon HS

Why Lakeway?
Awesome oppurtunity to join a team to help teach students to grow in their faith, coach sports I love and be around family.

Favorite Bible Verse: 
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 1 John 15:13

Did you know? 
Mr. Lowery enjoys duck hunting and lifting weights. 

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Our families have the opportunity to apply for free and reduced-priced meals. This is a confidential program. 

Click here to learn more about the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. If you have questions or need an application, contact Sarah Ezell at (423) 307-1189 or 

Click here for all the details of Lunch at Lakeway and Applications for Free and Reduced Lunches. 

LCS Golf Tournament - SAVE THE DATE!

Back-to-School Information

Visit the Back-to-School page on the website for all the latest!

(New this week: LCA PE Uniforms)

PE Uniforms:

If your student is slated for a Physical Education class this year you should have received an email with information to order the approved PE Uniform. We are excited to offer families a more affordable option for PE Uniforms this year. 

According to LCA's dress code policy:

  • Students in grades 6-12 are required to wear the approved PE T-shirt and either PE shorts / sweat pants to participate(no exceptions).
  • Sturdy athletic shoes in approved colors with non-marking soles must be worn.
  • Previously purchased Lands' End shorts will be grandfathered in, but not available for purchase going forward. 


  • $8 PE T-shirt
  • $7 PE Shorts
  • $12 PE Sweatpants

A few follow up notes on sizing and availability: 

  • T-shirts are a 50/50 cotton blend
  • Uniform pieces are unisex
  • We will have some extras on hand if what you ordered does not fit and you will be able to swap them out
  • Youth sizes are available
  • A secondary order will be placed later in the semester, but this is to get your student started for the school year

Click here to order your PE Uniforms! (Deadline July 26)

Developments in Math at LCA

In the pantheon of disciplines that we teach in school, perhaps none cause more heartburn and frustration for students and parents than mathematics. Typically, as adults our perception of math is formed by how we experienced it in school. For many, math was a mysterious and confusing world where numbers were supposed to behave according to a set of rules that they often seemed to disobey, and letters were inexplicably added just when we thought things were starting to make sense. For others, math came fairly easy and we didn’t understand what all the fuss is about.  

Whether you are the type of person who “just gets math,” or the person who breaks into a cold sweat when you have to balance a checkbook, we can all agree that math skills are an essential component to becoming a well-rounded adult. We know it is important, but we often don’t know the best way to address it. 

At Lakeway, we view math through the lens of a biblical worldview which shows us that math is one way that God tells us about his nature and character through the order that he has established in His creation. There is beauty in the order that it contains and the way it can be used to model and predict interactions that occur in the real world. It is an important skill but, more importantly, it is another window into the mind of the Creator. 

With that in mind, our primary objective in the math department is that all Lakeway students develop into confident math practitioners. This does not mean every student has to take calculus. It does mean that regardless of the level of the math class, we believe every student can understand the basics of math and can gain a level of proficiency that will allow them to approach math without fear. And for those who have particular gifts in mathematics, we want to challenge them to develop those gifts to their fullest potential. 

In that context, our math department has spent several months evaluating the curriculum we use to deliver math instruction. While the Saxon program has been used successfully for some time now at Cornerstone Academy, we came to the conclusion that it was not the most effective tool within the new context of Lakeway. In particular, there were two key points of deficiency. First, due to the spiraling nature of that curriculum it is very difficult for a student to enter the program middle or high school. With the growth that we are experiencing now, that is a significant problem. Second, we felt that for many students the Saxon curriculum did not facilitate a deep understanding of what is referred to as “number sense.” Number sense is a term that can be defined broadly as a student’s ability to understand what numbers represent and how they relate to one another in order to solve problems. This is an essential component in developing confident math practitioners. 

After spending considerable time researching and reviewing curricula, our math department and administration have settled on the resources we will use for middle and high school.  

In middle school math (grades 6-8), we will be implementing the Dimensions Math curriculum, which is published by the Singapore Math company. This program has been time-tested and proven to produce a positive effect on students’ skills by improving their general understanding of mathematics and developing their number sense. It promotes a deep mastery of the subject matter through a carefully calculated learning process that moves students from concrete to abstract. Students engage with hands-on activities that transition to pictorial representations which help them form a mental image of mathematical concepts. This is followed by an abstract stage where students solve problems. Dimensions math emphasizes the “why” of mathematics and not just the “how.” This program has been proven to produce significant gains in student achievement on national and international tests of mathematics, and we are excited to bring it to Lakeway. 

For high school (Algebra I and higher), we are adopting the Big Ideas Math series by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell. These authors are leaders in their field and have won multiple industry awards. The texts are student friendly and are known for their readability, accuracy, and real-life applications. The program provides dynamic resources and online materials to accompany and enhance classroom learning, including: 

  • Study guides 
  • Pre-tests and post-tests 
  • Instructional videos for each section of the text 
  • Pictorial solutions for examples in the lesson 
  • Chat help for odd numbered problems for the advanced courses 

At Lakeway, we wanted an innovative and technology-enhanced math curriculum to produce the most forward-thinking math practitioners who are prepared for the demands of college and the workplace of today. This series is endorsed and championed by the College Board, which creates both the SAT test and the AP courses. Our math department is eager to implement this program at Lakeway and is confident that it will be an excellent tool for us to accomplish our objectives in math learning. 

As stated earlier, our overriding goal for math at Lakeway is to develop students into confident practitioners, because we truly believe that every student has the ability to learn. We are thankful for the opportunity that we have been provided to be a part of the learning journey for these students and to partner with you to provide a Christ-centered and academically challenging education! 


David McVicker 
Principal, Lakeway Christian Academy 

Interested in Participating in Lakeway Athletics?

All students participating in 2019-20 LCA athletics, please click here to visit the Lakeway Lions website to get properly registered and complete all the necessary forms.

Please note: physicals dated after April 15, 2019 must be on file at the school by July 29, 2019.  Those who have not completed the physical by that date will not be able to participate in practices or workouts until they have completed the paperwork and turned it in to the athletic office or front office.

Cross Country Informational Meeting:
Coach Upton is hosting a cross country informational meeting on Thursday, July 25 at 5:30 p.m. in the Chapel at Cornerstone Academy. If your student is interested in competing on the cross country team this year, please make plans to attend to receive important information about the upcoming season. If you cannot attend, but are interested in participating, please contact Coach Upton at 

Calling all Girls' Soccer Players:
If you are interested in playing for the LCA Girls' Soccer team, please contact Coach Moyer at for details. The team will practice Monday at 8:30 a.m. and he would love to have you. Players must register online (instructions above) and submit an athletic physical to participate.