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Cor Totum

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we embark on an educational journey together.  We live in a culture that celebrates so many things other than truth, so the opportunity to share truth through purposeful learning, expressive arts, and vigorous athletics is thrilling.   
We are committed to partnering with families to provide an educational experience that points to the cross and the perspective we learn from the life of Jesus and his love for us.  We want to meet students where they are and challenge them accordingly intellectually and physically while encouraging them and pouring into them emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

As Christ instructs us to love one another, we want a culture that demonstrates: 

  • Connection - a shared vision with a feeling of value and voice for all families and students 
  • Communication - the ability to articulate our identity in Christ and express that identity at all times. 
  • Collaboration - unity in our plan to grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man. 
  • Character - our vision is to develop leaders that impact the world for Christ 

We are thankful for the families that have chosen to be a Lion (or a Cub)!   

As a lion, we want to be ALL HEART!  The latin phrase is COR TOTUM.   
What does that look like?  How do we LEAD with our heart? 
1.  Show the love of Christ 
          We are a distinctly Christian school 
          We encourage RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY in all things 
2.  Work relentlessly 
          In the classroom, on the stage, on the court, in the studio, on the field, or in the community 
3.  Be bold and courageous 
          Speak Truth and Stand Up for what is right, honorable, noble, virtuous 

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