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Our administration at Lakeway Christian Schools is here to serve you. Our goal is to answer all of your questions and concerns the best way possible and to assist you as you consider joining or supporting our LCS family. For more information, please call: 423-254-5664

If you would like to reach a specific staff member, please contact the appropriate personnel to best meet your needs:

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    Dr. Robert Brown

    Executive Director, Lakeway Christian Schools
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    Ragan Long

    Principal, Cornerstone Academy
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    David McVicker

    Principal, Lakeway Academy
  Name Title Group Contact
Jane Abernathy Abernathy, Jane Aide, First Grade
Connie Ballinger Ballinger, Connie Teacher, Pre-K
Jill Belcher Belcher, Jill Teacher, Pre-K
Michelle Bonville Bonville, Michelle Administrative Assistant
Dr. Robert Brown Brown, Dr. Robert Executive Director, Lakeway Christian Schools
Mary Brown Brown, Mary Vice Principal, Information Services
Mindy Brown Brown, Mindy Administrative Assistant
Rhonda Buchanan Buchanan, Rhonda Financial Manager
Tamara Bull Bull, Tamara
Brittney Butler Butler, Brittney Teacher, Band
Rhett Butler Butler, Rhett Teacher, Band
Chelsea Carrier Carrier, Chelsea Teacher, English
Heidi Catron Catron, Heidi Teacher, Math and Science
Ralph Clevinger Clevinger, Ralph Teacher, Math and Science
Angela Coffman Coffman, Angela Teacher, Grade 5
Randy Coffman Coffman, Randy PE Teacher and HS Girls' Basketball Coach
Lisa Cole Cole, Lisa Aide, Pre-K
Justin Combs Combs, Justin
Agatha Cornett Cornett, Agatha Teacher, Pre-K
Kristine Cotton Cotton, Kristine Administrative Assistant
Laura Cox Cox, Laura Teacher, Art
Kenton Deitch Deitch, Kenton Choral Music Director
Keith DeLisle DeLisle, Keith Teacher, Math
Robin Dubravetz Dubravetz, Robin Custodian
Kesha Emmart Emmart, Kesha Aide, Pre-K
Jeramy Ezell Ezell, Jeramy Vice Principal; Assistant Golf Coach, LCA
Sarah Ezell Ezell, Sarah Director of School Nutrition Services
Troy Fleming Fleming, Troy
Jackie Fontes Fontes, Jackie Teacher, Grade 3
Mandy Ford Ford, Mandy Teacher, Kindergarten
Bruce Fowler Fowler, Bruce Athletic Director; Football Coach, LCA
Lynette Fowler Fowler, Lynette Vice Principal, Pre-K Director
Alex Good Good, Alex Teacher, PE; Asst Football Coach
Maria Hanes Hanes, Maria
Eugene Hatfield Hatfield, Eugene Maintenance Supervisor
Lynn Hicks Hicks, Lynn Guidance Counselor, College and Career
Lindsay Hinchey Hinchey, Lindsay Aide, Kindergarten
Ainsley Hobbs Hobbs, Ainsley Teacher, Kindergarten
Brittany Horn Horn, Brittany Teacher, Grade 1
Robin Inman Inman, Robin EQUIP Coordinator
Anna Irby Irby, Anna
Julie Keener Keener, Julie Administrative Assistant, Communications and Facilitites
Shannon Key Key, Shannon Teacher, Pre-K
LuAnn Kubik Kubik, LuAnn Academic Support
Caroline LaPlue LaPlue, Caroline Teacher, English
Candie London London, Candie Teacher, Grade 4
Ragan Long Long, Ragan Principal, Cornerstone Academy
Misty McCormick McCormick, Misty Aftercare Director
Kathy McCoy McCoy, Kathy Aide, Pre-K
Ashley McMillan McMillan, Ashley Teacher, Kindergarten 865-307-1189
Jason McMillan McMillan, Jason Network Admin/Soccer Coach
Bridget McVicker McVicker, Bridget Teacher
David McVicker McVicker, David Principal, Lakeway Academy
Trena (LaShann) Messer Messer, Trena (LaShann) Aide, Pre-K 423-231-9399
Elan Miles Miles, Elan Teacher, Math
Nathan Miles Miles, Nathan
Shannon Mincey Mincey, Shannon Volleyball Coach
Morghan Morris Morris, Morghan Teacher, Science
Jason Moyer Moyer, Jason Spiritual Development Director
Whitney Nickles Nickles, Whitney Coach, Girls Middle School Basketball Coach
Lynnsey Porter Porter, Lynnsey Development
Ellen Reed Reed, Ellen Spiritual Development Assistant, Girls Softball Coach
Joseph Reed Reed, Joseph
Jackie Rosolowski Rosolowski, Jackie Teacher, Pre-K
Treca Russell Russell, Treca 2nd Grade Teacher, CA
Nancy Setsor Setsor, Nancy Administrative Assistant, Admissions
Jennifer Shope Shope, Jennifer Executive Assistant
Misty Sloan Sloan, Misty Teacher, Grade 1
Alani Staples Staples, Alani Director of School Counseling
Curtis Staples Staples, Curtis Associate Athletic Director, Boys' Basketball Coach
Emily Torres Torres, Emily Teacher, Latin and Spanish
April Turkett Turkett, April Administrative Assistant
Janelle Upton Upton, Janelle Teacher, Pre-K Music and Violin
Leighton Upton Upton, Leighton Teacher, Bible; Cross Country Coach
Sarah Villareal Villareal, Sarah Teacher's Assistant, Kindergarten
Tyler Vineyard Vineyard, Tyler CFO
Marie Voccola Voccola, Marie Lunch Program
Steve Walker Walker, Steve Teacher, Bible
Amy Whaley Whaley, Amy Teacher, Grammar School
Angela Whetzel Whetzel, Angela
Betty Williams Williams, Betty Cafe
Elizabeth Zeller Zeller, Elizabeth Nutrition Services